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Serving the Greater Tacoma Area

Serving the Greater Tacoma Area


Home Theater Systems in Tacoma, WA

Nowadays, the shows you watch on TV are becoming their own cinematic experiences. In terms of production quality, you would hardly be able to tell the difference between a big-budget Hollywood flick and the latest original series from an online streaming service. The only thing you’re missing now is the actual experience of being in the theater! Of course, you can change that with a home theater installation (and best of all, we won’t force you to buy any overpriced snacks).

But setting up a home theater system can be overwhelming. Not only are there several cables and wires to organize and tuck away out of sight, even the task of flat screen TV installation can be a difficult task that must be performed with care. When it comes to working with electricity and organizing a home theater system, let the licensed electricians at Miller Comfort Systems do all the work for you. We have decades of experience installing electrical systems throughout homes in Tacoma, WA, and we’ll even be there for you in the event that you need home theater repairs.

Contact our Tacoma electricians today to schedule an estimate for home theater installation. Wireworx Electric and Miller Comfort Systems, Together We Enlighten Your Climate.

Our electricians are the same ones you've worked with since 2006 under the reputable name of Wireworx Electric.

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The Home Theater System is All About the Installation

Your modern home theater system is more complex than plugging in a few cables. Flat screen TV installation is no longer about plugging in a few colored cables and pressing the power button. There are multiple components that need to be integrated with each other like speakers, satellite feeds, home computer systems… and if your hardware isn’t compatible with each other, you’ll end up needing several remotes just to turn on the TV. When you work with our professionals, they’ll find out your needs and then install the appropriate hardware.

Of course, the technical side is just one aspect. There’s also the general contracting side, which includes things like measuring and mounting your flat screen TV, hiding cables behind, and installing surround sounds speakers into the walls or ceiling. To get a home theater system that looks clean and flush with the room, it takes plenty of hands-on work.

We’re There for You When You Need Home Theater Electrical Repairs

Setting up the home theater system is one thing. But let’s say that several month or years pass, and your system develops a problem. Try not to cringe at the thought of having to unmount the TV, untangling identical cables, and attempting to track down the source of the issue! Plus, if you don’t handle things correctly, you could end up causing more problems or putting things back together incorrectly. Fortunately, Miller Comfort Systems can handle all of it for you. We’ll take over and get your home theater repair problems straightened out for you.

We’ve Setup More Than a Few Home Theater Systems in Tacoma, WA

Our electricians are continually educated on the latest electrical codes, as well as the latest in-home theater technology and hardware. We understand how frustrating it can be to set up a home theater system and not have it turn out the way you expected. Luckily, our electricians have been doing it since 2006, so you can count on them to get it done right the first time.

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