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Serving the Greater Tacoma Area

Serving the Greater Tacoma Area


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Services in Tacoma, WA

No matter how much remodeling and renovating you do for your home, the biggest aspect is almost always forgotten. That aspect is lighting. The entire mood and atmosphere of a room can shift just by using a different temperature or color of light. Plus, that light can help bring out the colors and feeling to complete your interior design. Likewise, light can take on equally aesthetic or even functional purposes, such as in the case of landscape lighting and security lighting.

Whatever your lighting needs are, you can trust in the electricians at Miller Comfort Systems to handle all your installations, replacements, and LED light retrofitting. Our licensed electricians are known for their home electrical services through Tacoma, WA and the surrounding areas. From the first service call to the last, you’ll see that they exude integrity and quality workmanship on every level. We even stand behind that with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so don’t hesitate to reach out for your lighting needs.

Contact our Tacoma electricians today to schedule an estimate for indoor and outdoor lighting installation. Wireworx Electric and Miller Comfort Systems, Together We Enlighten Your Climate.

Our electricians are the same ones you've worked with since 2006 under the reputable name of Wireworx Electric.

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Save Money with LED lighting

If you’re looking to cut down on the utility bill, a great method is to replace all of your incandescent and fluorescent lighting with light emitting diodes (LED) lighting. LEDs consume 75% less energy, last 25 times longer, and give off very little heat. Not only will LEDs save you money in the long run, they’re far safer to put in your home.

Due to their size and durability, LEDs can also be used in a wider range of applications. This makes them great for retail, kitchens, recessed fixtures, and more. When you schedule an estimate for LED lighting installation, we’ll assess your home’s current lighting system and figure out the best arrangement for creating a seamless retrofit.

Various Types of Lighting for Every Need

Every home has different needs for their lighting. Depending on whether they have a certain function or vision in mind, or if they just want to cut down on utility costs, there are lighting options for everyone. Miller Comfort Systems is qualified to help with all of them, including:

  • Track lighting: These fixtures are great for areas that need light focused in certain directions, such as kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, hallways, and above artwork.
  • Recessed lighting: In rooms with low ceilings, you can’t expect to have various fixtures hanging down. That’s where recessed lighting comes in, capable of illuminating the room with a minimalistic approach.
  • Landscape lighting: Not only does landscape lighting make your outdoor spaces usable at night while adding a focus on aesthetics, it even gives you security by illuminating the dark places surrounding your property.
  • Security lighting: Give yourself peace of mind with bright, motion-sensing lights. We can help you find fixtures that fit the style of your home and perform the functions that make you feel safest.

Lighting Installations by Professional Electricians in Tacoma, WA

While lighting may seem straightforward, setting up a lighting system is more complex than it would seem. Proper wiring is crucial, as well as dangerous, and not all areas require the same kinds of lighting. For example, knowing when to use track lighting versus recessed lighting can become a complex decision process that depends upon a knowledge of how lighting works in various conditions. Our electricians are continually educated on electrical codes and the latest technology, so you can trust in Miller Comfort Systems to do all your lighting for you.

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