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Serving the Greater Tacoma Area

Serving the Greater Tacoma Area


Surge Protection Services in Tacoma, WA

Surge protectors are what keeps your home’s appliances safe from excessive current. For example, if a stray lightning bolt strikes your home, that can short out several of your appliances. A surge protector will protect your system. Of course, a lightning bolt hitting your home is extremely unlikely. The true danger that surge protectors save you from are the power surges that happen every day in your own electrical system.

If you’ve been replacing your appliances sooner than you’d expect, it could be due to improper surge protection. Installing a whole-house surge protection system can save you thousands in dollars that would end up being wasted in replacing your appliances. Miller Comfort Systems has the team of licensed electricians in Tacoma, WA you can trust to get your home setup with surge protection. We stand behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can rest assured that your home is safe.

Contact our Tacoma electricians today to schedule an estimate for surge protector installation. Wireworx Electric and Miller Comfort Systems, Together We Enlighten Your Climate.

Our electricians are the same ones you've worked with since 2006 under the reputable name of Wireworx Electric.

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Most Surges Happen Every Single Day

As stated above, lightning and freak weather accidents aren’t your main concern when it comes to power surges. 80% of power surges happen in your home every day, but they’re just too small to notice. For example, an air conditioner starting up can use a lot of amps, and that can be enough to send a surge through other equipment in the home.

That might lead you to believe that you only need surge protection for the bigger appliances, but that’s not quite how it works. The electrical system can send surges back to other appliances that have nothing to do with the one that caused the surge in the first place.

A Power Strip is Not Enough for Complete Surge Protection

You may have seen power strips in hardware and electronic stores that offer surge protection. But these devices pale in comparison to whole-house surge protectors, and they won’t be able to meet your needs. After all, your expensive appliances are wired directly into the home and attached to power strips!

There’s no substitute for whole-house surge protection. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Miller Comfort Systems today to have someone come inspect your electrical system and recommend a surge protector.

Installing the Right Surge Protector in Tacoma, WA

A surge protector is a preventive device. By the time you realize you need it, it might be too late to save some of your appliances. But even late is better than never when it comes to whole-house surge protection.

But it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the right level of surge protection for your home. Every home has different needs, so this isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. The electricians at Miller Comfort Systems are always on top of their education, learning the best practices and staying up to date with electrical codes. You can count on them to find the best surge protector to protect your home. Contact us today and you’ll see that they carry integrity and honesty with them through every job and interaction.

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