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Serving the Greater Tacoma Area

Serving the Greater Tacoma Area


Tacoma, WA Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Washington is known for its cold and wet winters. Going through the year without a heating system is unthinkable. Now, even our summers are beginning to break records with every passing year, making it all the more tempting to install an efficient air conditioner. Fortunately, Miller Comfort Systems is here to help you stay comfortable year-round.

The truth is, we’re the result of two companies coming together: one specializing in HVAC, and the other in electrical. Both fields are closely related, so for your convenience, we’ve combined them into one. Not only will we help you find a heating and cooling system that works for your needs and budget, but we’ll be able to integrate it seamlessly in your electrical system. All our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can depend on us.

Contact us today to request an estimate. Wireworx Electric and Miller Comfort Systems, Together We Enlighten Your Climate.


Twice the Service from One Company!

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A Full Range of Quality Heating Services

Quality heating in Tacoma, WA is essential in our winters. A bad heating installation can break down at the most inopportune times. Imagine that you’re facing one of the coldest winters of the year—your heater will be working its hardest to keep up with the demands. But if that heater was improperly installed or had repairs services done by someone less than qualified, there’s no guarantee it will be able to keep performing at its promised potential.

We go on calls like this quite often in winter, but it can be avoided when your heating services are done by an expert. Skip all the risk and have your heating services done by Miller Comfort Systems. We thoroughly check your heater from head-to-toe, whether we’re performing installations, repairs, replacements, or maintenance

We Don’t Compromise on Air Conditioning Services, Either

Just the same as heating, air conditioning systems are the most effective when they’re installed and repaired properly the first time. We may not have constant use for our heaters in our moderate spring and summer, but there’s no denying that temperatures have been rising. To reduce the amount of money you must spend on air conditioning, you need no one less than the best, and that means someone who truly understands the AC needs in a town like Tacoma, WA.

We Stand by Our Products

When we chose which heating and air conditioning systems we wanted to provide our customers with, we took a good look at which brands resonated with our own personal values. For example, Daikin offers the world’s best factory warranties in the world. To stay true to our 20-year parts and labor warranty, we knew Daikin systems were the ones that could fulfill that promise.

Likewise, we’ve hand selected HVAC systems that make the most sense for our customers throughout Tacoma and the surrounding areas. Our focus on integrity and honesty means you’ll never be upsold or oversold by our technicians.

We Service Indoor Air Quality Products

The acronym "HVAC" is well known for the "heating" and "air conditioning" aspects. These consist of all things relating to temperature control. However, many people forget about the "V." Ventilation is a huge part of your indoor comfort, and it often comes in the form of indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality is half the equation. We have the products that can keep your air clean from pollutants, as well as devices to help control the humidity. We’ll do a thorough analysis of your air to find out which products will be most effective for you.

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