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Serving the Greater Tacoma Area

Serving the Greater Tacoma Area


Central Air Conditioners in Tacoma, WA

Central air conditioners are one of the most popular options for home air conditioning—not just in Tacoma, WA but in our nation. With just one AC unit and a system of ducts and air vents, central air conditioners are able to provide affordable cooling to an entire home. The hard part is configuring the system to do it efficiently! After all, you can’t just plug in any air conditioner and expect it to work. You need a professional to assess your home, choose the right unit, and install it accordingly.

When it comes to finding a central air conditioning expert, Miller Comfort Systems is the company you can rely on. Our HVAC specialists approach every job with aggressive integrity and quality of workmanship. From your first interaction with our technicians to the very last, you’ll see that our core values of honesty and integrity can be experienced on all levels. Whether you need central AC maintenance or central AC installation, we can help.

Contact us today and request an estimate on central AC replacement or installation. Wireworx Electric and Miller Comfort Systems, Together We Enlighten Your Climate.

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Central AC Services Backed by a Guarantee of Quality

Air conditioners are expected to last between twelve and fifteen years. However, it may not last that long if it isn’t properly cared for and maintained. The occasional central AC repair is inevitable, but it shouldn’t be happening on a yearly basis. If that’s the case with your AC, you may be suffering from a bad central AC installation.

We choose to work with Daikin, a brand of air conditioners that is capable of meeting our high standards. We stand behind those standards with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as a 20-year warranty on parts and labor. You won’t find many HVAC contractors in Tacoma, WA who can put their money where their mouths are the way Miller Comfort Systems does! You can count on us for any central air conditioning service.

We Install High-Efficiency Inverter Air Conditioning Units

For those looking for highly efficient air conditioners, look no further than the inverter air conditioner. These air conditioners are based on heat pump AC technology, but they’re a bit more advanced. Normal compressors only have two modes of functioning: on and off. Inverter ACs, however, can control the speed of the compressor motor. This allows them to output only the necessary amount of energy, resulting in quieter performance, lower operating costs, and less stress on the components (resulting in fewer break downs).

If you’re in the market for central AC replacement, or if you’re new to air conditioning and simply want the best, an inverter air conditioner is the way to go. We’re happy to tell you more about them and give you an estimate for installation.

Central AC Repairs, Maintenance, and More in Tacoma, WA

We perform all manner of air conditioner services, from central AC repair and maintenance to installations and replacements. If you believe your AC is malfunctioning for any reason, don’t wait to see if it gets better. Contact us today to speak with any of our EPA-certified technicians. We’ll make sure you get the information and service you need.

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