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Serving the Greater Tacoma Area

Serving the Greater Tacoma Area


Indoor Air Quality in Tacoma, WA

It may seem hard to believe, but your indoor air quality in Tacoma, WA can be several times worse than the outdoor air’s quality. But it makes sense when you think about it—the air in your home doesn’t have an entire, open atmosphere to vent itself in. So, the result is millions of particles—some of them harmful—get trapped in your air circulation. That can cause discomfort, health problems, and may aggravate symptoms in family members with allergies or asthma.

Lucky for you, the HVAC specialists from Miller Comfort Systems are here to help. We tackle every HVAC project with aggressive integrity and quality of workmanship. You can expect to have your air quality issues addressed by a team who will find the right air quality system to meet your needs. The “right” system is key. After all, not every product is best for every home. You can depend on us to set you up with the proper equipment. We bet on it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate on air quality systems. Wireworx Electric and Miller Comfort Systems, Together We Enlighten Your Climate.

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We Can Change Your Indoor Air Quality for the Better

When most people think of indoor comfort, they mainly think of temperature control. However, indoor air quality is just as big of a factor. Dust and contaminants can make your air unhealthy to breathe, and moisture levels can make the air too humid or too dry. Ultimately, poor indoor air quality will also lead to inefficient HVAC performance. Fortunately, we can help you fix that with:

  • Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers: It’s an unfortunate fact that our indoor air can be several times worse than the outdoor air. Air filters and purifiers are your way to keep the air clean.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: Humidity is no joke. High humidity makes summers miserable, and low humidity can leave your throat and skin dry. These devices can help.
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators: The cure to your IAQ problems? Fresh air! But you can’t just open a window without reducing efficiency. HRV and ERV systems are your solution.

The Air Quality Experts of Tacoma, WA

Solving your indoor air quality problems isn’t just a matter of picking what seems right. Every air quality situation is different, meaning that every home requires a unique approach. Miller Comfort Systems knows this, so we’ll perform an evaluation of your home first before prescribing devices or services to improve your indoor air quality.

You can rest assured that our EPA-certified technicians are dedicated to keeping your home healthy and comfortable. Our technicians represent our core values of honesty and integrity at all levels. Beginning with the initial phone call and ending with the final service, you’ll know that you’re working with an expert who cares. We’ve managed to outdo our competition by sticking to these values, as well as by ensuring that our technicians continue their education. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for your air quality. 

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