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Serving the Greater Tacoma Area

Serving the Greater Tacoma Area


Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Tacoma, WA

When most homeowners think of the comfort that an HVAC system can provide, they think of heating and cooling. However, as the old saying goes, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” This expression points out the fact that humidity is often the driving force behind an uncomfortably hot summer. Likewise, an overall lack of humidity can contribute to air that has become too dry. While we can’t do much about the outdoor humidity, we do have what you need to control the humidity inside your home.

Miller Comfort Systems installs only the best humidifiers and dehumidifiers for our Tacoma, WA residents. Your home is supposed to be a haven from the discomfort of outdoor temperatures, and a professionally installed humidity control system will make that a reality. Of course, to make sure you’re getting the best dehumidifier and humidifier installation, you should look no further than our very own HVAC specialists.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for whole house humidifier and dehumidifier installation. Wireworx Electric and Miller Comfort Systems, Together We Enlighten Your Climate.

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How to Tell You Need a Dehumidifier

Although Tacoma, WA isn’t known for hot summers, our heat has been breaking records in recent years. Plus, Washington does have high humidity. Even if it’s not uncomfortable for some Washington natives, high humidity can lead to damage in the home. Some of the warning signs that you need a dehumidifier include:

  • Uncomfortable and muggy conditions.
  • Having to set the thermostat even lower to achieve a comfortable temperature.
  • Increased allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Mold growth on walls and corners.
  • Wooden floorboards and furniture becoming warped.

While we commonly associate high humidity with discomfort, it’s important to keep the other issues in mind as well. If humidity creates mold in your home, that in itself can become a whole new air quality issue. Whole-house dehumidifiers can drastically improve your indoor air quality by sapping up excess moisture.

Fix Dry Air with a Humidifier

For those times of the season where the air is drier, low humidity can bring its fair share of problems as well. And if you’ve recently sealed leaks and drafts in your home, the airtightness can actually push your home’s air into the "too dry" category. That can affect your air quality through summer and winter alike. Here are some signs you might have dry air:

  • Your skin feels dry and itchy.
  • There’s trouble retaining heat in winter.
  • Your throat and sinuses are dry (leading to increased illness).
  • Wooden floorboards or fixtures are splitting.

Do You Need a Whole-House Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

If you said "Yes" to any of the above symptoms, your first thought may be to go out and buy a portable humidifier or dehumidifier. However, we think that would be a mistake. Maintaining these portable devices is far more hassle than it’s worth.

Whole-house humidity control devices are integrated into your HVAC system and will operate automatically. That means no filling or emptying tanks of water, no electrical cords, and best of all, it works for your whole home.

Miller Comfort Systems is your staff of trained technicians, ready to assess your home’s humidity needs and make a flawless installation for you. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

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